Lakeshore Valuations


Frontage is a critical aspect of lakeshore valuations. It is measured both by quantity and quality.


The amount of shore line that you have is determined by the appraiser through certified surveys, legal descriptions, and aerial photography. The best evidence of the exact amount of frontage that you have is through an independent survey that is provided, or recorded through the county.


The quality of the shore line is determined by topographical maps, LIDAR (hill shade) technology, aerial photography, and on site visits by the appraisal staff. While part of this determination may be subjective in nature, that subjectivity is constantly being reviewed by staff to insure consistency of application for all properties.

Valuation Process

Once completed, the frontage measurements are then applied to your exact lake. Each lake has its own unique characteristics. The amount properties are sold for depend upon those characteristics.

While there may not be any sales on your particular lake, we look at sales of similar types of lakes in similar areas to determine the rates that should be applied based on the quality and quantity of your frontage.

Should you have property specific questions please contact the Assessor's Department and we will be more than willing to help.