Property Tax Statement

When Will I Receive My Tax Statement?

Tax statements for the current payable year will be available and mailed to taxpayers no later than March 31, with the exception of manufactured homes which are mailed by July 15.  You can find and print a copy of your tax statement by visiting our Boreal site at:

Property Tax Discrepencies

The amount of property tax indicated due on your tax statement may be different than the amount on your proposed tax notice.

Reasons for this include:
  • The proposed tax notice does not include special assessments.
  • Referendums passed could result in increasing the tax amounts.
  • Property owners who occupy their property by December 1st can file for homestead classification for the following year.

Change of Address

To change the mailing address on your property tax statement you can:
  • Write your new address on the reverse side of your tax stub and turn it in when you pay your current tax.
  • Contact the Auditor’s Office at 1-218-327-2860 with your new address.
  • Send a note to the Auditor’s Office with your new address