Family Emergency Plan

Be Prepared

One of the keys for the safety of your family is to be prepared for the first 24 to 72 hours of an emergency. Every family needs to be ready to make it through an initial period until emergency measures are put into place.

Find Each Other

Finding each other becomes one of the first lines of defense when a family is in an emergency. Families are often busy and going in different directions. Choose an out-of-town relative or friend that family members can contact in case of disaster. That person can keep track of everyone and help get your family safely back together.
  • Name and phone number of contact for your family

Gathering Place

For situations where you must stay at home, have everyone know which room is the gathering place. Disaster supplies need to be in or close to that room. There should be a minimum of windows and doors. If it is a radiation emergency, duct tape the cracks where air could leak in.
  • In-house emergency gathering place or room


When you must evacuate your home or neighborhood, everyone needs to know about two separate gathering places. You need a nearby gathering place for a residential emergency such as a home fire, and a more distant gathering place if it is a wide area evacuation.
  • Emergency gathering place near the home
  • Emergency gathering place away from the neighborhood

Emergency Procedures

Check with your schools, day care providers and employers to find out their emergency procedures. Those plans need to be combined with your family plan to keep everyone safe.

Radio or Television

In case of an emergency event, always listen to your local radio or television station for advice on appropriate actions for you and your family.