Park System Vision


To provide quality recreation opportunities while protecting the natural and scenic resources of Itasca County the County Park System will be managed to meet the needs of current and future generations and guided by the following vision:  

  • To provide a variety of recreation experiences for residents and visitors at both primitive and highly developed public water accesses, multi-use trail systems, and general park sites.
  • To plan, develop and manage an efficient and effective park and recreation program to balance the public needs of the County.
  • To plan, manage and maintain Bass Lake Park, Gunn Park and Fairgrounds Park.
  • To identify and properly maintain a high-quality and diverse public water access program.
  • To plan and coordinate an extensive multiple use trails system throughout the county including developing and maintaining the Itasca and Mesabi Trails.
  • To work cooperatively with fellow county departments, area municipalities, federal and state agencies, private and corporate landowners, clubs and organizations, and individual citizens on park and recreation projects and issues.
  • To explore and examine the possibilities for educational activities and facilities related to the natural, scenic, and historical resources.
  • To manage, protect, and enhance the natural, scenic, and historical resources of the park system including the soils, trees, plants, wetlands, lake shore, and water that contribute to the countywide significance of these sites.
  • To maintain a proper balance between resource management and recreational use.
  • To recognize the park system’s role in promoting a sense of stewardship for our natural resources.