Park System Philosophy

Itasca County Park System Management Philosophy

The County Park System’s overall management strategy is to provide a variety of park and recreational facilities that will meet most needs requested by the public. This strategy is outlined in the classification system used for all Park System facilities. All County Park System facilities are classified in the following manner:

Class 1 - Facilities that are highly developed with modern amenities, intensive use, and high maintenance. The grass is mowed weekly and litter removed daily. Park System examples are Gunn Park, public accesses with concrete ramps, and the Mesabi and Itasca Bike Trails.

Class 2 - Facilities that are semi-developed with rustic amenities, moderate use, and moderate maintenance. The grass is mowed weekly and litter removed weekly. Park System examples are Bass Lake Park, public accesses with gravel ramps, and cross-country ski trails.

Class 3 - Facilities that are primitive with little or no amenities, light use, and little maintenance. The grass is mowed monthly and litter removed monthly. Park System examples are Dispersed Camping Areas, carry in public accesses, and Hiker/Hunter/Walking Trails.

All of the Park System Facilities are maintained within a variety of maintenance levels to more closely fit the current demands and environmental limitations of the site. This provides us the opportunity to keep the cost of maintenance down and also manage certain sites to more appropriately fit the surrounding environmental conditions. This broad range of management also provides distinct levels of recreation for a wide variety of users. Whether a person wants a primitive recreational experience or a developed recreational experience the Park System has something to offer everyone.