Human Resources

About Us

Our Mission

We provide expertise in Human Resource best practices to support the County’s operations through partnership, systems and consistency.  

Our Vision

Human Resources works in partnership to provide programs and services that support talented individuals who make up an engaged, respected team of workers collectively making Itasca County an employer of choice.

Guiding Principles

  • Customer Focused: We deliver timely, compassionate, high quality service.
  • Ethical: We act with integrity, doing the right thing.
  • Respect: We value people and strive to be inclusive in every aspect of our work; we treat others with respect and dignity.
  • Improvement: We look to improve every aspect of our operations to increase value, to decrease waste and improve our skills.
  • Strategic: We are continuously thinking ahead, anticipating the needs of tomorrow's workforce.
  • Communications: In a candid, courteous and fair manner, we encourage productive two-way communication.