Application Process

What to Expect

If you come into the agency to complete the application process, we will review your application and interview you. We will determine if you are eligible for expedited processing. If there are verifications that you must provide in order for us to process your application, we will give you a list of those before you leave. If you qualify for an EBT card, we will help you get one.

Expedited Processing of Food Support (SNAP) Benefits

When applying for SNAP benefits, it is important that you know:
  • The application date is set on the day the first page of the CAF (DHS5223) or MNBenefits application is received by the agency. This is the date your eligibility will start if we determine you are eligible.
  • You may be eligible for a same day (expedited) interview for SNAP benefits, depending on your income and household expenses.
    • If you come into the agency, we can determine right away if you are eligible for same day, expedited SNAP.
    • If you are using MN, fax, mail or dropping your application off at our office, we would need to have a completed application and a current phone number or mailing address so that we can reach you for an interview.


If you send, drop off or use MNBenefits to apply for benefits, we will review your application to determine if you are eligible for expedited processing. If you are, we will call you right away and interview you on the phone or, if you prefer, in the office.

If you are not eligible for expedited processing, we will mail you an appointment letter with a scheduled phone interview with date and time indicated. We will also mail you a packet of program information. After we complete the interview, we will send you a list of any verifications that we need to process your application. If you are eligible for benefits, you can call and request an EBT card be sent to you. It will take about 10 days to receive a card.


All our programs have different processing timelines, however, as a rule of thumb, it may take us 30 days to process your application, unless you qualify for expedited processing (see above). In order to speed up the processing your application, please come prepared for your interview with your application completed and all necessary verifications attached.

If you have a telephone interview, be sure you submit all requested verifications in as soon as possible. See the drop down box below for verifications required for the programs you are applying for.

Notification of Eligibility

You will receive a letter from the Department of Human Services telling you the status of your application.