Providers & Partners

Help your patients keep their health insurance!

Eligible persons enrolled in IMCare choose their primary care physician, pharmacy, mental health provider, and chiropractor, and have access to their choice of network dental and vision providers.

The network of primary care providers for IMCare includes:

  • All of the primary care clinics in Itasca County and clinics in Hibbing and Cook 
  • Three hospitals in Itasca County and the hospital in Hibbing
  • All Itasca County pharmacies and three pharmacies in Hibbing
  • All chemical dependency providers in Itasca County
  • Most of the Itasca County dentists, mental health providers, vision providers, and chiropractors

Referrals are made to out-of-area providers to meet special treatment needs of the enrollees.

IMCare works closely with Itasca County Public Health and Social Services to coordinate enrollee medical, social and community needs.

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