Surveying & Mapping

The Itasca County Department of Surveying and Mapping is the conservator of the Public Land Survey monuments, its monuments, collateral maps, and records.

The Department of Surveying and Mapping exists to:
  • Recover, monument, and record the preservation of the Public Land Survey monuments for every Citizen.
  • Educate the Public concerning the benefits and ramifications of Land Surveying and mapping;
    Provide assistance to those requesting maps, corner and boundary locations, copies of Public Land Survey monuments records, geographic coordinates, and interpretations of spatial relationships.
  • Advise the Itasca County Board of Commissioners and all County Departments on all matters involving Land Surveying, photogrammetry, and cartography.
  • Develop joint working relationships with other Itasca County Departments and Government Agencies to accomplish this preservation.

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