Recorded Documents

You may request a copy either in person or by mail or fax with payment upfront. Copies are $1 per page. Copies can be faxed or emailed for an additional $1 service fee. You can purchase a certified copy for $10.  You pay at the window at the time you pick up your document or pay by credit/debit card through the official payments website. Note: It is helpful if you know the approximate year the deed may have been recorded and the abbreviated legal description from the tax statement. A parcel I.D. number is also helpful, but please keep in mind that documents are recorded by the legal description, not the parcel I.D. number. (Parcel I.D. numbers are for tax purposes only.) If you need the copy immediately, then you should use a credit card to search via the iDoc website

Blank Documents

The Minnesota Department of Commerce does have blank conveyance forms. If you have questions regarding these forms, we strongly recommend you speak with an attorney.  Please understand, our staff is prohibited from providing legal advice, including which form to use or how to fill it out.