Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+)

Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+) is a managed care program that covers health care and Elderly Waiver services for people who are 65 and over and have Medical Assistance (MA). 

When you are enrolled in IMCare's MSC+ program, you are assigned a care coordinator. This care coordinator can help you arrange health care and support services. If you do not know who your care coordinator is, call IMCare Member Services and they can give you that information.

If you are enrolled in MSC+, you may have another option available. Check with your county financial worker to see if you can enroll in the Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) program. MSHO is a voluntary program.

For more information about the MA program and who qualifies, go to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) website.



You must first apply for Medical Assistance (MA) coverage through your local Health and Human Services Department
 If you are found to be eligible for MA and live in Itasca County, IMCare will be a health plan choice for you. You will receive a packet of information from the county office and you can enroll in IMCare at that time.

Covered Health Services 

The MSC+ Member Handbook (PDF) outlines how to receive care while being a part of the IMCare plan. It reviews covered services, non-covered services, co-pays and more.

Visit How IMCare Works for information on utilizing the IMCare program.