Waiver Case Management

Available Programs

Persons with disabilities or chronic illness who need certain levels of care may qualify for the Minnesota home and community-based waiver programs. These programs available to persons who meet the eligibility criteria include:

Case Management

When found eligible for any waiver program you will receive Case Management (CM) services. Waiver CM is conducted by a team which includes a Public Health Nurse and a Social Worker.

A recipient approved for EW or AC will receive case management or care coordination from a public health nurse or social worker who does the following: 

  • Arranges for and coordinates service delivery
  • Assures informed choice and consent
  • Helps develop the community support plan based on the person's needs
  • Helps with referrals
  • Implements and monitors the community support plan (The community support plan must ensure that the health and safety needs of the recipient are reasonably met.)