Spring Load Restrictions

Itasca County follows Mn Dot's Spring Road Restrictions.

  • North Zone: Spring Load Restrictions are enforced as of 3-29-2023.
  • North Central Zone: Spring Load Restrictions are enforced as of 3-29-2023.

 Spring Load Restriction starting dates are set on very short notice based on existing weather conditions and the 3-day weather forecast. It is the responsibility of the truck operator to know if Seasonal Load Limits are in effect. This information can be obtained at any time by calling Mn Dot's Seasonal Load Limits automated message center at 651-366-5400 (toll free 800-723-6543) or by checking the Mn Dot website.


 The boundary between the North Zone and the North Central Zone runs through Itasca County along U.S. Highway Number 2 meaning roads in Itasca County don't necessarily all have the same seasonal load limit start and end dates. Please study this situation to determine how it affects you.

5-Ton Axle Limit

 By law, all County and Town roads are reduced to 5-Ton Axle Limit unless posted otherwise or changed by local ordinance.


 This web page will be updated as changes are made. Thank you for checking and please drive safely.

Last Update: March 8th, 2021