Mission Statement

To reduce crime and protect the community through the implementation of effective prevention, investigation and supervision strategies for adults and juveniles.  The Department is committed to building partnerships with the community and restoring losses to crime victims through research-based programs and approaches that bolster accountability and competency.

About Itasca County Probation

Itasca County Probation provides services for the Itasca County District Court and Itasca County under the authority of Minnesota Statute 244.19. Probation is a court ordered sanction imposed upon an offender for a period of supervision no greater than set by law. It is imposed as an alternative to confinement or in conjunction of confinement or intermediate sanctions. The purpose of probation is to deter further criminal behavior, monitor and assist the offender, help provide reparation to crime victims and their community and provide offenders with opportunities for rehabilitation. Our supervision strategies strive to promote public safety through accountability, community restoration and restitution and offender competency.


The Itasca County Probation Department provides the following services to Itasca County:

Adult Services

  • Gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor supervision
  • Pre-Trial Release Program
  • Drug Testing
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Wellness Court

Juvenile Services

  • Supervised Probation
  • Restitution Program
  • Diversion Program
  • Drug Testing
  • Juvenile Outpatient Sex Offender Treatment Program