Permit Information

A zoning permit is required for new structures; change in use; new additions; alterations, maintenance, or remodeling of a structure that costs more than 50 percent of its market value; replacement of structures; signs; sanitation systems; shoreland alterations; and home occupations II (see Fee Schedule). Permits required by the Ordinance shall be procured at the Environmental Services Department prior to commencing the project or operation.

​ No land shall change in use and no structure or part thereof including manufactured homes, decks, signs, installation or alteration of a sanitation system, and shoreland alterations not exempted in Section 5.9 shall be hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved, or structurally altered until the ESD Department has approved and issued the appropriate Zoning Permit. 

​ It is the responsibility of the applicant to adhere to township, state, and federal rules and to obtain state and federal permits where required by township, state, and federal laws and rules. Mitigation conditions shall be required on all Zoning Permits for Variances, Conditional Uses, and nonconforming structures.

Currently, our department does not offer online permitting.  We hope to have additional resources available for this in the near future. 

​We strongly encourage contacting our department before applying for permits.  Our staff is willing to meet property owners on-site to answer any questions or concerns they may have.