Internships Opportunities

The Itasca County Probation Department does offer internships, which are designed to be a "hands on" active learning approach to the field of Corrections. All interns will be exposed to the many different duties corrections staff perform on a daily basis. This may include supervision of adult and/or juvenile clients, writing investigative reports to the Court, perform drug testing, learning courtroom procedures, etc.

In most cases, interns are scheduled to work forty hours each week for a total of 400 hours (unless otherwise approved). All students seeking an internship with our office must carry a grade point average of at least 2.75, have at least a Junior standing in a Human Service Field, and have no serious criminal record. In addition, all students must have above average written and verbal skills and have the ability to work independently without continuous supervision.

All interns should be aware that the supervising Probation Officer or Director has the authority to terminate the internship at any time for unacceptable performance or failing to follow the signed contract.

All of our Probation Officers carry a very high caseload and are continuously very busy, yet we strongly believe in providing access to internships. We will do our very best to expose each intern to the many facets of the world of Probation/Parole and the field of Corrections.

The first step in applying for an internship is to submit the intern application form to: Jason Anderson, Probation Director, Itasca County Probation Department, 115 NE Fifth Street, Grand Rapids, MN 55744. If you have questions regarding an internship position with our Department, please contact Jason Anderson at 218-327-2869.