Healthy Pregnancy Program

Are you currently pregnant? Itasca Medical Care (IMCare) has teamed up with Itasca County Public Health Maternal Child Health (MCH) to make a program for pregnant women called A Healthy Pregnancy Program. This program goes over the stages of pregnancy, services you can get and how often you should get care while pregnant and after you have your baby.  The goal is to give you the tools you need to have the healthiest pregnancy, delivery, and baby possible. 

Make sure you tell your worker you are pregnant.  You may have access to more services and lower copays for your medical care.  Your worker will add you to the list of pregnant members that is given to IMCare.  IMCare will send you a letter with details about A Healthy Pregnancy Program. This letter will tell you if you qualify for the perks of the program. 

IMCare offers Target gift cards to those members who have not been in A Healthy Pregnancy Program before.  While you are pregnant and part of the program, you will get gift cards if you have visits from Itasca County Public Health MCH nurses as follows:

  • $40 Target gift card for the first prenatal visit with MCH.
  • $30 Target gift card for the second visit with MCH.
  • $30 Target gift card if you accept a visit from MCH after your baby is born and have a visit with your provider within 7-84 days after your baby is born.

A Healthy Pregnancy Program helps to promote healthy babies and Moms.  This program helps inform mothers and lower the risk of early labor. All members have access to the Maternal Child Health program materials.  As your kids grow, continue the path to health by getting Child and Teen Checkups!  We hope you use these benefits.